SIX Months ! ! !

August 2nd marks SIX MONTHS since our first guest slept here!
• 564 breakfasts have been served (plus a few other meals)
• guest stays of one-night to 3 months
• single guests to families of six

It has been over four months since the last post to this blog. I am happy to inform you that this is because of the invigorating success the Green Gate Guesthouse has been experiencing. Each month we have been more heavily trafficked than the month before.

We have been lucky enough to be a sanctuary for guests of all sorts.
We have acted as a respite for people traveling great distances. We have had athletes of disciplines from soccer to gymnastics and from cyclists to javelin throwers. We even sheltered a band when their tour bus broke down!

We’ve been happy to host people while they house hunt in Greensboro, and we’re proud to be a resource for community building like that. We have had people traveling for business and pleasure.

Of course we have had many guests who were in town for events going on at our local colleges and the American Hebrew Academy, just down the street.

GGG has now been open long enough to start seeing returning customers, and we can’t explain how grateful we are for their continued business. We hope to see many of you again and even more of you for the first time.

Lastly, on a personal note, my name is Gabe.
Dassi, the owner and operator of the Green Gate Guesthouse is my mother, and I have to take this opportunity to say that her dedication to making the Guesthouse a welcoming, hospitable, and loving place has not gone unnoticed. Her work makes me very proud, and I’m glad that you all will be able to see how wonderful the home she makes is.


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  1. I am very impressed by my grandson Gabe’s detailed summary of the 1st six months of operation of Green Gate Guesthouse. His credit to his mother in bringing GGG into a reality is pleasant reading for her mother and me (SALLY & HAROLD CRECRAFT ).
    Dassi and Alan Sklan fell in love with Greensboro when their two boys got their high school education at AHA. They found a location, remodeled and refurbished it, and put it into operation.
    A retirement home: built on a Dream >to a Plan >via Hard work >to Success

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